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We are entrusted with:
  • End-to-end support of transactions and projects

  • Restructuring of distressed and non-core assets

  • Support of investment construction projects, including PPP projects 

Key competences and areas of expertise


  • Strategy implementation

  • Strategic business planning

  • Market positioning

Efficiency assessments

  • Compliance audits

  • Re-engineering of business processes

  • Risk management

  • Technical audits and consulting

Investment management

  • Insights and project management

  • High & Best Use

  • Investment attraction

  • Acceleration of technologies

Deal structuring

  • Finance and investment consulting

  • Capital raising follow-ups

Legal and tax services

  • Corporate governance

  • Public-private partnerships

  • Tax consulting

  • Law practice

Marketing and media support

  • Positioning

  • Marketing kits (presentations, websites, promotional materials)

  • Media content

  • Presentation coaching


We are a strong team of experienced professionals with a real business background. We offer the best solutions using a whole range of competences, for efficient solutions to the challenges of each customer.

Relevant experience

Proven experience in dealing with both small-sized companies and major brands. Corporate consulting on operations, corporate finance, marketing and strategic development.


We thoroughly scrutinise the business case of each customer.

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